New updates and improvements to OkayRelax

  1. Introducing our writing service

    New Feature

    We have some thrilling news to share with you today! Our team has been working tirelessly to expand our expertise in content writing. We're excited to announce that we're now equipped to handle a range of writing tasks, from blog posts, to copywriting, to social media content, and much more!


    We understand that creating high-quality content can be challenging, and that's why we've invested in extensive training and gained invaluable experience to provide you with exceptional writing services that are tailored to your unique needs.


    Whether you need compelling website copy that converts visitors into customers, engaging social media content that increases your following, or anything in between, we're here to help you achieve your goals.


    So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started! We invite you to try out our top-notch writing services and see the difference for yourself. Our team is eager to take on your requests and help you succeed in all your content marketing endeavors.


    Thank you for choosing us as your go-to virtual assistant service. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

  2. End of rollover


    We launched the rollover feature in 2020 to assist our clients better during the height of the pandemic. However, since then, we have found that with dedicated assistants, this feature is not very sustainable. As a single person cannot extend their day beyond 24 hours (really an 8 hour work day), it became difficult for dedicated assistants to keep up with sudden surges of task credit usage from clients that had been inactive for some time.


    Please note that our terms of service has always stated that task credits will not rollover, as we were unsure if we'd be able to keep it available long term. We may rework this feature in the future to make it more sustainable, but for now we are ending this feature to focus our efforts on more important improvements to our service, for which there will be further announcements in the near future.


    You will have until September 1, 2022 to take advantage of any remaining rollover credits you have.


    We appreciate your understanding.

  3. We're sick 🤧 (COVID-19)


    While we are a fully remote team and we've all been following standard safety procedures in our personal lives, this Omicron variant hasn't been very kind to us.

    Nearly half of our team is currently COVID positive. At this time, all of them are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms. They are all taking the time needed to recover in their homes and are being remotely monitored by medical doctors.

    The remaining team members are doing their best to keep up with our task load, but delays are expected. We ask for your patience and understanding, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will be back to normal operating capacity as soon as possible.




  4. Continuing to improve our look-and-feel for you.


    Hi everyone! I hope you've had a fantastic week! This is the OkayRelax development team dropping by with a quick update.

    We have worked hard to update a few more portions of our new theme this week.

    • Those upgrading plans will have a more pleasant experience. No reason to mention it. At all. 😉
    • When viewing your plan details, information will feel more structured and nicer to read through.
    • We have also improved how the task submission process starts out. Picking a virtual assistant or the task pool or the support team will feel more natural now.
    • Those leaving our service can more easily pick from a few pre-written options as to why they are leaving. We've also updated some notices, so they are less confusing. Overall, just because you're leaving doesn't mean we don't miss you already!

    Above all -- we launched a new landing site that feels modern, pleasant to navigate, and more joyful all around. Still more updates to come. Have a happy weekend and, as always, relax -- we've got you covered. 😊

  5. Under the weather


    Our task system has been a bit under the weather recently. We have been hard at work debugging the issue, and are confident a fix will be shipped soon.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience you are facing at this time, and cannot imagine the difficulty you are facing without your VA available to you at certain times of the day.

    A follow-up announcement will be made right here once the fix is live.



  6. Adding pretty: part 5.


    A few small improvements this week! The most prominent one: due date feature which was removed temporarily is now back! You can access it on the create task page.


    Here's a the complete changelog:

    - Sometimes the website would say "Due Date" but no date would be listed. This has been fixed.

    - On the new task page, you now get a uniform datepicker to pick a date.

    - Only VAs can change a due date once set by either party.

    - The "Due Date" field is shown in the "Task Information" sidebar panel - where it belongs. 😊

    - Error alert messages are now uniformly styled, similar to information alert messages.

    - When logged in, clicking the OkayRelax logo will now take you to the tasks page (our new home page!), instead of our landing site.


  7. Adding pretty: part 4


    Changes Made

    1. Giant navigation menu has been placed on a diet. Only the essentials are displayed now to save you time.
    2. Upgrade/Downgrade process has been simplified, under the "Billing" menu.
    3. Cancellation process has been simplified too, but you can ignore that one 😁.
    4. Submit task button moved from the menu to the "My Tasks" page header.
    5. "Task Credits" changed to "Your Subscription" and has a new button to submit a new task.
    6. "Your Subscription" panel stays open on mobile (does not collapse) and tablets so you can always see your task credits and submit a task from anywhere.
    7. We've done some cleanup on the "Task Information" sidebar panel.
    8. When attachment file names are too long, they will not overflow outside of the sidebar panel.




  8. Adding pretty: part 3


    Changes Made:

    1. The header size has been reduced.
    2. Task responses are now sorted oldest to newest.
    3. Task subject is displayed in the header instead of just the side bar.
    4. Task response style has been improved, with a familiar chat-like layout.
    5. Link styling inside of task responses has improved, with an animated underline upon hovering over a link.
    6. You are automatically scrolled to the bottom of the page, to see the latest responses.
    7. Buttons added to the bottom of task view to bring you back to your task list or to scroll up to the top of your task.
    8. Improved reply box style and simplified its design.
    9. Improved star ratings - stars associated with your rating are completely filled.
    10. Removed some sections of the side bar which were not in use.
    11. Due Date field temporarily removed while we resolve some issues with it.



  9. Holidays for the rest of the year


    OkayRelax will be closed for the following holidays:


    Eid al-Adha - July 21

    All Souls’ Day - November 2

    Thanksgiving - November 25

    Christmas Eve - December 24

    New Year's Eve - December 31


  10. Adding pretty: part 2


    Changes made:

    1. Announcements icon changed to a megaphone
    2. Announcements icon is now only displayed when you’re logged in
    3. Secondary menu is now only displayed if you’re logged in
    4. Mobile menu improved
    5. Improved “log out” page