Hi everyone! I hope you've had a fantastic week! This is the OkayRelax development team dropping by with a quick update.

We have worked hard to update a few more portions of our new theme this week.

  • Those upgrading plans will have a more pleasant experience. No reason to mention it. At all. 😉
  • When viewing your plan details, information will feel more structured and nicer to read through.
  • We have also improved how the task submission process starts out. Picking a virtual assistant or the task pool or the support team will feel more natural now.
  • Those leaving our service can more easily pick from a few pre-written options as to why they are leaving. We've also updated some notices, so they are less confusing. Overall, just because you're leaving doesn't mean we don't miss you already!

Above all -- we launched a new landing site that feels modern, pleasant to navigate, and more joyful all around. Still more updates to come. Have a happy weekend and, as always, relax -- we've got you covered. 😊