OkayRelax Ideas

Feature and service suggestions for OkayRelax

  1. Allow tips via credits.

    When someone does a particularly good job, there is no way to tip them, which bothers me. Saima sometimes goes so far above and beyond in her research of a certain topic that I wish I could tip her a credit to let her know how much I value not just her time, but the amount of energy she puts in during that time. Since you're no longer allowing rollover credits, it would be nice to use a credit or two that I'm going to lose at the end of my cycle to say thanks.

    #Improvement 👍


  2. Virtual Conference with the Assistant

    Sometimes people miss interpreting what is written. Being able to talk it through will help with understanding instructions. For quality control record the session so the company and individual have a copy to refer to.

    Erika Mac D
    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗#New Services 📋


  3. You need an app

    App would be so much easier to check and we could be notified when things are updated too.

    Robert G
    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗#Styling 🎨